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chelsea ingram and bob turk are tracking live doppler radar. >> it's been quiet around here. we had a few showers. they moved off. but i did find a couple that just popped up in the extreme southern portions of the region. extreme southern portions of the bay. we had two cells there. one just to the west of st. mary's city. and it's pretty strong. going to move across the city shortly. another one, southwest of salisbury. so both of those areas will see a thundershower or even, let's call it ray moderate thunderstorm, moving through the next hour. as they continue to head off to the east and northeast. rest of the region, really, very, very quiet. nothing much going on at all, except for the stuff in the extreme southern bay. where they had a little more sunshine. a little more instability. and that will affect those area fist the next hour or two. they should die out as soon as we see the sun. temperature-wise, they went up a degree. 82 now. 86 cumberland. only 73 in oakland. ocean city now, down to 78. pax river, shower not too far from them. they're up to 84 degrees. now, we still have
, the entire bay. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologists chelsea ingram and bob turk are tracking radar and tracking a new tropical storm. first to bob. >> kind of quiet around here. we had one little shower east of the city about an hour ago it's pretty much dissipated. that wong shower moved into southern cecil cowntzy. and it's just about gone. you can see, not luc left to it at all. just a brief little shower. right near earlville and just between chesapeake city and galena, moving off toward delaware. rest of the city, not really looking at anything in the way of showers. might still see a pop-up shower. but with sun setting, we'll start losing the energy from the sun. temperature-wise, sufficiency certainly cooler today. normal high was 87. only got to 86. no more 90s. although it will probably get close to that the next couple of days. 75 in oakland. 85, ocean city. elkton had should showers. they had dropped down to 79. 87 over in d.c. they got up to 87. that's pretty much as warm as they got. now, we do have a new tropical system in the caribbean, way out the
. but a little bit. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist chelsea ingram and bob turk are updating temperatures, radar, and tracking a new tropical storm. first to bob. >> take a look at radar. yes, we've had cooler temperatures today. and a few pop-up showers. right now, there's one east of the city now. approaching you folks in northern kent county. southern cecil county has shower activity. west of galena. looks like it's going to move right on shore very shortly, so you see some brief, heavy downpours there. betweenarilyville and -- between earlville and chestertown. as it heads to the east and southeast. the rest of the region is pretty quiet. in fact, not seeing much more of any shower activity. may still have a shower this evening. still a pretty volatile atmosphere. and could certainly see a shower. a lot cooler than yesterday. only 84 now. the dew point has actually come down. the heat index is only in the mid-80s. a lot better than it's been over the weekend. 86 in ocean city. only 79 in elkton, with showers close to that region. and 73 in oakland. now, as we
few days. we have weather and traffic. bob turk is here with the updated numbers from first warning weather. >> quite a bit cooler than yesterday. still rather humid. and a few pop-up showers. very widely scattered. take a look at radar. we have one little cell that just developed east of the city now. close to aberdeen proving ground. this right here, kind of moving off to the east and northeast. a little cell. may have a little gusty winds with it just southeast of the air field there. east of edgewood. aberdeen, moving off to the northeast. so it may be affecting some folks up in perhaps cecil county. the rest of the region is very, very quiet really. not much going on around central maryland. they're all one little light shower, north of the maryland- pennsylvania border. and a few out there by hancock, washington county. look like most of the region will stay dry tonight. still rather humid. but temperature-wise, it's a lot cooler than yesterday. only 84 now. the dew point actually has dropped down to 65, which makes the 84 feel like 84 degrees. 87, warmer in ocean city. only 7
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weather headed our way. i'm bob turk. i'll have complete first warning forecast coming up next. ♪ ♪ [ barks ] whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ oh, yeah [ whistling ] [ male announcer ] discover your new orleans. start exploring at [ woman ] and i love new orleans! >> it is partly cloudy, 77 degrees in central maryland right now. the first forewarning forecast is coming up. take a look at this incredible video of a water spout near tampa. it was spotted this evening as it approached a bridge. a water spout is claused when storms collide and cause a rotation over a body of water. it came ashore damaging one home and causing a transformer to blow, but there have been no reports of injuries. >>> at least 50 people have been killed in the bloodiest day since the crisis in egypt began. the military and supporters have ousted president mohammed morsi clashed outside the republican guard headquarters. mill leaders say the protesters were firing guns and throwing mall la toff cocktails off the rooftops. the white house condemned the violence but is not backing any of the facti
. >> three, two, one -- >> reporter: for the first time in two years national mall superintendent bob vogel can see the light. >> i think it looks fantastic. and the crowd how enthused they were. >> reporter: the washington monument has a new look as it recovers from a damaging earth wake. back in august 2011 a 5.8 tremor rocked the east coast, shaking the monument causing structural cracks and pieces of stone to fall off. the 555-foot landmark has been closed ever since. >> it's been frustrating that people have come again from far and wide to go into the monument and see the spectacular views and be disappointed that they can't get in to see it. >> reporter: most of the monument is from the top where visitors can get a spectacular crew it continues next spring costing taxpayers $7.5 million. to keep the monument in the national spotlight, the park service decided to use some of that money to light it up. >> we still want it to look as spectacular and as glorious a symbol to america as it can. >> reporter: on monday vogel got his wish. visitors will get to see i
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7